How do I dose my SARMS?

Research Chemical Male Dose Female Dose PCT NEEDED (Applies Males Only) RAD-140 20MG PER DAY / 1ML A DAYTake this in the morning once a day NOT SUITABLE FOR FEMALES YES LGD-4033 10MG A DAY / 1ML A DAYTake this in the morning once a day 5MG A DAY / 0.5ML A DAYTake this in […]

When will you have stock?

We try and display the most accurate ETA on the actual product. Please make sure you check the ETA displayed on the product. Please add yourself to the waitlist to be notified as soon as we get the stock in. This is the fastest way to know. Emailing us just delays the process.

How do I know you received my payment?

You will get an email after payment has been received. The contents of the email will contain ” Your order has been received and is now being processed “ This means we have received your payment and have started packing your order. You will get an email once the item has been shipped.

How do I pay?

We accept BTC only BITCOIN is preferred as it protects your privacy.Please see our guide on how to buy BTC Do not ask us to pay via bank transfer as we simply do not have the means to accept payment this way.