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No, at this stage we do not offer a return address.

This is not only a health risk but a security risk.

Be advised the following reasons are not grounds for a return/refund
– Side effects
– You dropped or damaged the bottle
– Item did not really work ( be advised we would need bloodwork results to verify this)

Its up to you to research side effects etc

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We have taken the time to test all our SARMS via MZ Biolabs LLC

All certificates can be verified by emailing them via their contact form

All test results are displayed on each product page and via the link below

If you want to do your testing on our products, email us after you have tested it and we will reimburse you including $50 credit to your store. Our budget limit for product testing is $150 USD and should not exceed this amount. Australian labs charge in excess of $2000 AUD so this is out of the question.

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We only offer your money back if you can prove to us the items we sold to you were fake or underdose. We have HPLC tests already to prove they are real. We offer you credit if you get the items tested and show us the results yourself

As we are unable to control someone’s diet and training this money back guarantee can be abused by scammers who order under different names and ask for a refund while continuing to use our products

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We were backed by RATS ARMY in the USA before they closed down and also are featured on sarmsinfo instagram page.

RATS ARMY was a very popular company in the USA and @sarmsinfo has a very large Instagram following and only recommends the best sources out there.

We also have all our HPLC tests posted on each product page

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All our bottles are made to last 1 month at the recommended dosage listed on the bottle.

All SARMS are 30ml and daily intake is usually 1ml a day.

Please read our dosing guide to get a better understanding of how to dose

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All the PCT we stock is pharma grade. The expiry is usually listed on the product and has an expiry date 3 years in the future.

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16 – 20 months.

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We try and display the most accurate ETA on the actual product. Please make sure you check the ETA displayed on the product.

Please add yourself to the waitlist to be notified as soon as we get the stock in. This is the fastest way to know. Emailing us just delays the process.

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This can happen due to changes in the temperature. This happens when the product goes onto a plane and is exposed to extremely cold temps or colder temperatures in general.

To solve this is very simple

  1. Boil some water
  2. Fill a cup about halfway
  3. Place your research compound bottle into the cup and wait 10 minutes
  4. Shake and repeat until it has dissolved.

We have modified our latest SARM batches so this should no longer happen, however, on the rare occurrence that it does please follow the steps above. If all else fails email us.

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We usually include a syringe as sometimes the markings can fade on the dropper. This also makes it easier to dose.

Please be advised if we are out stock you will need to source this yourself. This is a perk that’s offered under goodwill.