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Yes, however, be advised of the following conditions

Paypal = 3% of the total is kept

Bank = $10 restocking fee will occur.

We are unable to refund you if the item is already dispatched.

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Yes, our PayPal instructions also contain our bank transfer details. If you wish to pay via bank simply make the transfer and email us to let us know.

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You will get an email after payment has been received. The contents of the email will contain
” Your order has been received and is now being processed “

This means we have received your payment and have started packing your order.

You will get an email once the item has been shipped.

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We accept PayPal (credit card via PayPal) and Bank Transfer

Be advised if you wish to pay via PayPal you will need to manually send the money to our email displayed on checkout OR;

Wait for an invoice from us which usually arrives within 30 minutes. If you order outside of business hours please allow a maximum of 8 hours for the invoice to arrive. You can use your credit card to pay using the PayPal guest option

Bank Transfers are preferred for your privacy. Please make sure you read our instructions on checkout or send us a message on Facebook messenger if you’re confused.

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Be advised coupons are subject to the following conditions

  • Unable to be used when there is a sale
  • Unable to be stacked unless its a gift coupon
  • Unable to be reused unless we have given you a custom one
  • Automated coupons cannot be redeemed after you made a purchase. This also applies when sales are running
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We display all prices in AUD